Sick Days

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With the school year coming to a close, there’s a lot on students’ minds including everything from last minute homework to finals to graduation.

Something that can get in the way of these last days is being home sick. It is difficult to get homework in on time and to stay caught up on the material being taught.

“I feel like it would be difficult to catch up on homework if you were out sick for a long time,” 

says Meghan Fitzgerald, ‘21.  

Some students can be out of school for months at a time. After missing so much class,

catching up on that work is no easy task. “If I were out of school for a long time, I don’t know how I would get everything done,” said Fitzgerald.

Not only can these students miss important parts of class, they can also miss after-school ac

tivities. Athletes and people who help out with in-season sports can miss meets and games if they end up getting sick. “If I missed school a bunch, and I missed my sports events, I would be super bummed out,” says Ava Gebhart, ‘21.

Not only do students have struggles with being out of school, so do teachers. “I think the best thing a student can do when they miss school is to communicate with teachers. If a student approaches me about being gone, they automatically are a step ahead of those that are absent and don’t talk with me at all,” says Ms. Kylie Wilson. “As a teacher, I struggle with remembering what work was missed when students are gone, especially if they don’t talk to me.”

Overall, missing school can be a drag. There’s lots of material to learn, and tons of small assignments that pile up. As a student, the best they can do, is to talk to their teachers and get help from them. Any work left undone, counts against grades.


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