Super predictions for the big game


The matchup is set. The Philadelphia Eagles will take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 57. 

The Eagles just came off a 31-7 victory over the 49ers. They are led by quarterback Jalen Hurts who went 16-1 as a starter this season for the team. Philadelphia also has one of the best defenses in the league. 

The Chiefs just came off a thrilling victory over the Cincinnati Bengals by a score of 23-20. They are led by superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who already has one Super Bowl under his belt. Kansas City has a high powered offense, and they put up a lot of points. 

Here’s who Wahlert students chose to win the big game:

Amalia Strahl, ‘25, thinks the Chiefs will win by a score of 24-21. 

“The Chiefs have the better offense and Mahomes will be better by then,” said Strahl. 

Patrick Mahomes has been nursing a hurt ankle which he sustained in the Chiefs win versus the Jaguars in the Divisional round. 

Tommy Couchie, ‘23, also predicted a Chiefs’ victory by a score of 34-28. 

“The Chiefs have more experience, a better coach, a better quarterback, and Travis Kelce and Chris Jones.”

Kelce is Patrick Mahomes’ go-to receiver, as he racked up 12 touchdowns on the season. Chris Jones led the defense this year, as he put up 15 sacks. 

There are some Eagles’ supporters out there. Spencer Cummer, ‘24, predicts a win from Philly. 

I think the Eagles will win 31-24 because they are healthier and have more talent on their team. Every position has elite skill players, and they have the best offensive line in football.”

The Eagles ended up having eight Pro Bowlers this year, the most in the NFL. 

Nicholas Pierro, ‘23, also predicts an Eagles’ win. 

“They have one of the best defenses in the league along with the best offensive line. Also Jalen Hurts is a dawg.”

Super Bowl 57 should be a great game. Two evenly matched teams that score a lot of points. My prediction? I’ll take the Chiefs, 27-24. The Chiefs have made it to the Super Bowl before, and they know how to get it done.