Getting Involved in Theater

Big Fish cast after performing, strikes their last pose for “Be The Hero”


If you’re looking for hours of laughter, creativity, dancing, and endless fun, become a part of  theater! 

Even if you’re not one to easily stand in the spotlight, backstage is a good place to start. If you’re interested in painting, sewing, or even have a talent for makeup, theater is the perfect place for you. 

Theater creates a family apart from Wahlert itself. You will find yourself working with talented individuals who are passionate about the same things that you are. Mallory Zeman, ‘24, says, “It’s a really welcoming group, and it’s a lot of fun. Everyone is so nice, and we can put on a great show, but we can have an even greater time while doing it.” 

Josie Wolbers, ‘24, agrees,  “Wahlerts theater is a great place to find community. Everyone supports one another, and we love to see others succeed.”

Alyssa Kirby, ‘23, believes  that even if you’re slightly interested in theater, you should definitely give it a shot. “Sometimes you end up liking things more than you thought you would.”

Josh Chapman, ‘23, explains that theater helps people push their boundaries and helps people realize that they are a lot more capable than they thought. 

Ms. Kiley Shulz, the theater director, explains how theater changed her life for the better and how she truly believes it’s made her the person she is today. “I am able to see things from many different perspectives,” said Shulz.  Overall, it’s the small things you wouldn’t consider when thinking of theater. It’s the small mess ups that lead to encouragement and success. It’s the friendships with people you would never think of yourself as being able to relate to. It’s being able to create beauty and art on stage while having fun with an amazing community.