Wahlert students have fun in the sun while making money


Ayden Lochner, ’23, works with her aunt at Coconut Cove

Zoey May

Summer jobs


As the school year comes to a close, students have one thing on their minds: summer. And with summer comes newfound freedom, freedom which some students use to save money and/or gain experience through summer jobs. 

Veronica McDonald, ‘22, a 12-year member of the Girl Scouts, will be a counselor-in-training this summer at Camp Liberty, a Girl Scout camp in New Liberty, IA. 

“Once you finish your sophomore year, you can apply to be a part of the counselor-in-training program, and if you’re accepted, you’ll become a ‘CIT’ 1.” 

McDonald finished her training as a CIT 1 last summer online due to COVID. This summer, as a CIT 2, McDonald will put her training to the test for the first time in a real camp environment for two weeks. 

Ayden Lochner, ‘23, has a more long-term summer job as an employee at Coconut Cove, a resort camping ground in Hazel Green, WI. 

“I started working there in June of 2020… My aunt works there, and she’s the one who convinced me to get a job there.” 

Although Lochner will continue to bus tables, wash dishes, and help with waitressing as she did  the year prior, since she has turned  16, she will also become a cook this summer. Unlike McDonald, she will be working from early May to late August.

Ava Anderson, ‘22, will be balancing a second summer job in addition to her “year-round”’ first job. After babysitting for athe family for two weeks in the summer of 2020, Anderson will be watching their 8-year-old and 11-year-old children three days a week this summer.

“The family is really flexible with my schedule… Since I work my first job three days a week, they’re letting me babysit two to three days a week… I’ve made sure that I’ll have some free time,” said Anderson, who, like Lochner, will be working from late spring to late summer. 

Students who are interested in getting a summer job, can check out the job postings across from the Guidance Office.