Cherish every moment

It’s important to cherish every moment of this fleeting high school experience. It’s full of mountainous highs and tragic lows. The highs are easily remembered, but some of the lows are overlooked. Let’s take a final glance at some of the most iconic embarrassing moments of the last four years.

Allie Kutsch, ’21, dribbles to the basket after her serenade of the Star Spangled Banner

It would be a missed opportunity to not include one of Evan Poirer’s, ‘21, unforgettable moments such as when he got his finger stuck in a desk during Social Studies and was sawed out by the fire department. 

“It was pretty embarrassing but also extremely entertaining because people were just walking by and thinking what is wrong with that kid, and I think some people still think that,” said Poirer. 

Sometimes, our cherished Wahlert traditions fire back. That was the case for Allie Kutsch, ‘21, who on senior night of the basketball season had an unfortunate singing experience. Tradition holds that the senior girls sing the national anthem on that night, but her teammates did not fully participate, hysterically laughing at certain points. She completely committed to the high note, but her friends dropped out, leaving only Kutcsch’s operatic voice to be heard. 

Kutsch commented, “Execution couldn’t have been worse, but it was a great memory.”

Memories are priceless, but this one cost Nathan Donovan, ‘21, a new pair of underpants. “After practice last year, we were in the locker room, and Bandy came up from behind me and picked me up by my underwear and just shredded them,” said Donovan. 

Overall, these last years have been crazy for a lot of students. Whether it be a physical injury or embarrassing moment, this part of our lives will hold memories that will last a lifetime. Hopefully, we can remember both the highs and lows as they both affect us and influence our decisions for the rest of our lives.