Mixing it up at lunch

I was a senior doing alright, then I got a cool lunch box overnight

Abigail Klauer, ’21, shows off her Scooby Doo lunch box.

When it comes to lunch, there’s usually not much to it. Students either take cold lunch or hot lunch. More recently, many students have been switching things up and bringing in some new lunch boxes. While some people stick with the basics, some choose to go for funny ones like cartoons or animals. 

One student is Allie Kutsch, ‘21.

“My lunch box is of my favorite animal, a dinosaur. I think they relate to my personality. Dinosaurs are fun, and I like to have some fun,” laughed Kutsch. “My grandpa gave my lunch box to me as a Christmas gift a couple years ago, and I’ve used it ever since.” 

Some get their lunch boxes as an unintended surprise. Abigail Klauer, ’21, talked about how she ended up with hers. 

“I got my lunch box last year when my mom asked if I needed a new one. I jokingly sent her a picture of a Scooby Doo lunch box. She ordered me one online. Sometimes people will mess with me about my lunch box, asking things like if I have any Scooby Snacks in it,” joked Klauer. “Some people think it’s a senior year thing, but I’ve had it since junior year.” 

Although Klauer may not have gotten her lunchbox for senior year, Sophie Skemp, ‘21, did,

 “I got my lunch box off of Amazon. I wanted to get a new one for senior year, and thought it’d be funny to get a Sofia the First one because my name’s Sophia also.”

Next time you’re in the cafeteria, take a look around. You may notice more than your average, everyday lunch box.