Teachers combat COVID


Luke Smith

Quinn Walsh, ’23, sanitizes a table in Mr. Berning’s room

COVID-19 has been a huge factor in education for students. From wearing a mask to hopping on a Zoom call last year to keep safe in our homes, students have had a lot of adjusting to  do. However, this is true not only of students but of teachers as well.

With some students going virtual, teachers have had to adapt to teaching both virtual and in-person classes and create learning material usable for both ways.

One adjustment has been the use of a virtual platform, which has changed from Zoom.  “One thing I really enjoy is the use of Google Meets,” said Ms. Natalie Schira.

 She says they had an update which came out right before school started and claims, “It’s more efficient than when we were using Zoom last year.” 

According to Mr. Tim Berning, virtual teaching and learning has gone pretty smoothly.

 “Virtual learning allows the opportunity to see students’ full faces. However, I still enjoy in-person more,” said Berning. 

Teachers have also been taking extra-precautionary measures in addition to the masks, such as wiping down desks and wearing face shields 

“We’ve done a really good job of making sure we have cleaning supplies available to keep us safe,” says Ms. Schira

Although the guidelines of wearing masks and socially distancing make it challenging to learn, some teachers are taking advantage of the pleasant fall weather to offer fresh air breaks.

 “I think giving students more freedom, while staying safe so we can keep what we have right now, and making sure we can enforce these guidelines without being too strict will help us deal with the challenges,” said Mr. Cole Smith.

COVID-19 has affected not only students but faculty and staff here at Wahlert. Yet with students and teachers following the guidelines and staying safe, learning at Wahlert can continue one way or another.