Small group, big group, red group, blue group


Photo contributed by Kaylee Robles.

Sassy Six. Emily Barnes, '21, Veronica McDonald, '22, Kaylee Robles, Nora Mahoney, Hannah Busch, and Rita Jones, '21, get ready as a small group before dinner reservations.

by Ashley Steele

of The Gleaner


As Winter Formal approaches, plans must be made. Between pictures, dinner reservations and car rides, group numbers are key to planning the evening. While some students prefer to go in a large group of friends, others prefer a smaller, close-knit group of friends. 

“I’ve gone in both large groups and smaller groups,” said Sam Kluesner, ‘20, “but I personally prefer small-ish groups so I can spend time with everyone throughout the night.”

Kaylee Robles, ‘21, agrees with Kluesner, preferring to attend dances with a smaller number of people.

“I like to go to dinner with about five people. It makes getting a dinner reservation easier, and I have more fun with my close friends,” said Robles.

When it comes to dinner reservations, Addie Poppe, ‘22, understands the struggle of finding a place to hold 25 people. Sometimes restaurants will only take small reservations while other restaurants will serve large groups, but with a limited menu. Last year, Poppe organized her group’s reservation at L-May. 

“I love having a large group to go to dances with. I get to be with all of my friends, and we have so much fun together,” she said. 

Landon Stoll, ‘21, on the other hand, tends to feel overwhelmed when he is with a larger group. 

“Sometimes it can just be too much for me when I am in a group of more than 10 people,” Stoll said. “I just like to be with my close friends, and having 20 people can get pretty crazy.” 

Carter Frommelt, ‘20, also agrees with Stoll. “Smaller groups are the way to go. Less people means less crazy.” 

There are many high school dances, so don’t worry about your plans too much. Whether there are 5 people or 25 people in your Winter Formal group, what matters most is if you are surrounded by people you enjoy spending time with.