Siblings or best friends for life?

by Lola Grap

of The Gleaner


Having a sibling at school can have it’s advantages and disadvantages. It can mean an automatic friend, someone to help you when you are struggling with homework, or just someone to complain to. At Wahlert, numerous students have siblings who also attend Wahlert. But whether or not they enjoy having a sibling here is the question.

Siblings at Wahlert can either have a very close relationship or a more distant one. Avery, ’20, and Charlie Fair, ’21, have a rather close relationship. 

“We help each other with homework, and we used to drive to school together,” said Avery. “Since we go to school together, we have become closer as siblings.”

Charlie agreed. “Avery gives me advice on classes and homework, so it’s going to be hard next year without her. It will be weird not seeing each other in the hallways.”

On the other hand, some siblings are not as close.

“Because I have Lindsay to look up to, I know a lot of upperclassmen and made friends with them because of her,” said Carson Cummer, ‘22. “But, she can also be annoying sometimes.” 

Lindsay, ’21, and Carson Cummer also use each other to their advantage.

“Since Carson and I go to school together, I can always ask him for a ride if I need it, and it’s nice seeing him more. We both have busy schedules, so seeing each other in the hallways is nice,” said Lindsay.

Jack Crahan, ‘21, believes that high school has gotten better because his younger brother is here.

“If I am ever having a bad day, it’s fun to see Seamus in the hallways. We get to mess with each other while still supporting one another,” said Jack.

Seamus Crahan, ‘23, can thank his brother for helping him prepare for high school. 

“Jack helped me know what classes I should take and told me things I should know in order to do well in school,” said Seamus.

Overall, having siblings at school seems to have more benefits than negatives. Going to school together allows siblings to grow in their relationship as they give each other advice and help each other out.