How the Eagles Save Christmas

‘Tis the season of giving back to those in need. Christmas is right around the corner, which means so is Operation Elf. Operation Elf is an opportunity for students to receive an assigned family, collect money and purchase gifts, and deliver them to their family. This project not only brings great joy to those families, but to students and staff in the Wahlert community.

In past years, Paige Hummel, ‘20, has been one of many students to get involved. Every year she has brought in money to support Operation Elf, and last year Hummel got the opportunity to go shop for the presents.

Paige said, “I have a lot of fun with this project, it makes me happy to know I am putting my money toward people who need it more than I do.”

Last year, math teacher Mrs. Tamra Ropeter made a deal with her fourth period class; However much money they raised, she would match. That class ended up raising over $200, with each student bringing in $10 with  the additional amount Mrs. Ropeter put in.

Caroline Slaght, ‘22, added, “Around this time, I realize how much I have and how little others might have, so it is important to me to give back to others in need.”

Slaght also contributes money in order to help out the process of Operation Elf. Also, Caroline and her family also get involved in their church. They do this by taking cards from their church that has information about families in need. The Slaghts then use that information to buy gifts for a family.

There are lots of opportunities during this holiday season to give back to the community. By simply partaking in this fundraiser and donating $5 can make a huge impact for another family’s Christmas this year.