Exposed: Secret lives of TikTok stars


TikTok has completely taken over social media these past few months, and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping. Nearly every teenager has it, and other generations use the app too. TikTok is a video sharing app that allows people to create interesting videos, whether they are funny or opinionated, and show them to the other users. 

Users can become “TikTok famous,” some students have done just that. Becoming TikTok famous is very possible, for any video can be seen by other users and quickly gain fame.

Olivia Pfieler, ‘21, is one of the most famous users at Wahlert. Pfeiler has about 1,800 followers and 30,000 likes in total across all her videos. There is one specifically for which she got over 15,000 likes.

“At first, I got the app because I was bored. But over time, I began watching videos all the time because it’s fun and something to do. On my most popular video, I did a dance. But in the dance I completely wiped out, which is probably why it got famous,” said Pfeiler. Since then, Pfeiler has continued making TikToks and enjoys it.

Nick Nachtman, ‘20, is another famous TikToker student. He got 40,000 views on one TikTok and about 850 likes on it. Nachtman made a political TikTok, which is why he thinks it got famous. But that’s not the only reason.

“Making a popular TikTok is about making a joke that is unique and new or putting a twist on current trends. Something people can relate to. Or doing something that is popular, like currently politics is one. So doing that can also influence the fame of someone’s TikTok,” said Nachtman.

Lastly, a few other students, Bennet Cutsforth, Isaac Ripley, and Zach Warden, ‘20, had a TikTok that was popular, too. They got about 3,000 views and likes on one video.

“I would say that our TikTok was popular because we used a current trend and sound, but put our own spin on it. We tried to be creative and funny, too. Plus having fun can help the TikTok be even better since we genuinely enjoy the video as we make it,” said Cutsforth.

So the key to becoming a TikTok star is being creative and unique. Using current trends while making it your own is vital to becoming a famous TikTok-er.