Students haunted by scary events



by Makayla Schockemoehl

of The Gleaner 


Everyone has heard the “Bloody Mary” story, which might make it hard to fall asleep. But a few students at Wahlert have been freaked out by something that will leave them without sleep for a month! 

Andrea Swift, ‘22, shared about a time she was freaked out, and still to this day doesn’t know what it was…. 

“I was home alone one night and it was already dark outside. Suddenly my dog rushed into my room, sat next to me and stared at my doorway. At the time, I had a jewelry box on my dresser that played music if it was wound up. The jewelry box had been open for days and the music had been done playing. Then, all of a sudden, the creepy music started playing, and the tiny dancer started slowly spinning in circles. I slammed it shut and rushed back to bed,” said Swift. 

Swift concluded by saying that nothing happened after she shut the jewelry box, but she still wonders what caused the creepy situation in the first place… maybe ghosts do exist after all! 

Ana Chandlee, ‘21, tells a story that could seem funny to hear but was very scary to experience. 

“One night, all of my friends were over at my lake house, and it was about two in the morning. All of a sudden, the alarm to my house went off and all of us ran outside bawling because we thought someone was in the house. All of my friends called their parents and were terrified. We even ended up calling the police because my parents and siblings were still inside. Turns out the alarm downstairs was broken so no one else heard it in the house besides us,” said Chandlee. 

She said that when her parents woke up, they were mad because they thought Ana and her friends had snuck out to ding dong ditch the neighbors and were caught by the police. Scary in the moment, funny looking back! 

Another incredibly scary experience that spared the life of a student at Wahlert that of  Jack Freiburger, ‘22, who swerved to miss a head on collision on the way to Door County, Wisconsin, in the beginning of October. 

“My family was on their way to Door County, and it was only a two lane highway, so there were cars going both directions. The lady that was driving the opposite direction as us was on her phone, and she started to swerve halfway into our lane. Last minute, my mom swerved out of the way into the gravel. Otherwise we probably would have died,” said Freiburger. 

From ghost stories to situations in which one’s life flashed before their eyes, students have experienced scary things. What will haunt you this Halloween?