Students get real world experiences in work field


Senior year has begun for the Class of 2020, also marking the start of internships for many of them. Taking internships while at Wahlert offers students a chance to experience a career interest before enrolling into a college or university. 

Abby Wagner, ‘20, one of the many seniors taking an internship, is completing her internship at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.

“When I am at my internship, I help them with whatever they need or events that are taking place,” Wagner explained. “I am also conducting my own research project with the stingrays that are in the touch tank.”

With future plans of becoming a marine biologist, Wagner believes this internship is a step in the right direction. 

“Taking this internship has helped me determine what kind of questions I can find answers to and how to run my own experiment,” Wagner stated. “I don’t dislike anything about my internship. It’s actually a great break in my day and reminds me why I work so hard in school.”

Belle Pole, ‘20, is interested in studying public health after high school, and working towards becoming an epidemiologist for the C.D.C. Hoping to gain more knowledge on what it means to work in public health and to experience an opportunity before college, Pole began an internship through Hillcrest Family Services in Dubuque.

“My internship is very hands on, which I appreciate,” Pole expressed. “I am able to use my creativity to work on projects I am tasked with and then share them with others. I like learning new facts and statistics on the public health threats we face in our community, but I also enjoy the people I work with.”

Last, but not least, Hannah Schiesl, ‘20, is taking an internship with Tri-Vet Associates in Farley. While there, Schiesl does a variety of tasks including sorting out medications, observing surgeries, shadowing doctors’ appointments, monitoring animals while they wake up from anesthesia, and occasionally helping load and unload cattle when they are brought into the clinic.

“I chose this internship because I have always known I wanted to be a veterinarian,” Schiesl stated. “I chose Tri-Vet because they are a mixed animal practice, meaning that they take care of large and small animals. I don’t know if I would have gotten this experience if I did my internship at a clinic in Dubuque.”

After high school, Schiesl plans to enroll at Iowa State University to major in Animal Science on the pre-vet track. Once completed, she plans on applying to vet school with a focus on large animal medicine.

“One thing that I love about my internship is all of the amazing people at the clinic,” Schiesl said. “I have learned so much already because all the doctors and staff are so willing to share their knowledge and explain the reasons why things happen. Also when I apply to vet school, I will be able to count my internship hours towards the 200 required hours of animal experience.”

The possibilities after high school are endless. Being able to take advantage of the time in high school to explore an area of career interest will leave a positive impact in more ways than one, so do not be afraid to try something new.