Moran juggles homework, state cross country


Many students at Wahlert have to with juggle homework along with extracurricular activities like sports or clubs. Some can barely hang on to staying up to date. But others are able to multitask like it’s a second nature. Gabby Moran, ‘19, back-to-back cross country state champion, is extremely successful at being able to maintain a good GPA and participate in cross country.

For Moran, cross country often takes up most of the day, if not the entire day. .

“Practice was about 2 hours, give or take 30 minutes. Meets, on the other hand, were from 2:00 to 9:00 at least,” Moran said. “Missing activities like volleyball games, football games, FCA meetings, etc. was really frustrating. I sometimes felt like I was missing out,” said Moran.

Participating in sports and clubs comes with a few costs, such as skipping other school activities and taking up the majority of one’s day. But having the ability of focusing on what’s important and making sure every assignment is completed on time is one of Moran’s many admirable traits. .

“I get to bed around 9:15 p.m. on an average school night, but during cross country season, it was around 10:15 p.m.,” Moran said. Even though both are reasonable bedtimes, one hour can make a big difference on someone’s sleep schedule.

On top of running in cross country, Moran dealt with almost 2 hours of homework every night, with 1 hour at home, the entirety of seminar, and doing it in bits throughout the day. Moran has a good routine and makes sure she is constantly working on something for school.

“Last minute studying for tests late night was not very fun. Tests were definitely difficult during cross country season, along with making sure I was prepared for all my classes,” Moran said.  

Instead of allowing the stress and nervous energy to hold her back, however, Moran channeled these feelings into becoming a back-to-back state champion.