Falling into the plays and muscials

The chilly air and a strong breeze, seeing leaves change on the trees outside, and hearing teen girls scream about pumpkin spice lattes in their Uggs is often recognized for the beginning of Fall. But for the theater students at Wahlert, the fall play means the season is upon us.

For some theaters students, the play was how they got into theater. For others, they have been doing theater since they were 6.

“Elementary school plays and my music teacher got me really involved with theater and I’ve been acting ever since,” said Katie Link, ‘19. Link enjoys participating in the school productions along with other musicals. But she plans on focusing on elementary school teaching during college while still finding other ways of incorporating acting into her life.

Jacob Nuti, ‘19, was introduced to theater by his older siblings.

“My sister Melissa, who’s the oldest, started doing musicals. I started singing them more, and that made me want to do it.” Singing and acting has a special place in Nuti’s heart, since acting with his older siblings created many memories.

This year, Wahlert plans a fall play and a musical. The play is “Night, Mother.” It focuses on suicide awareness. The musical is “Songs For a New World.” It is about a series of songs, all connected by a theme of making decisions. The auditions for the fall shows were Sept. 13 and 14 in the theater. The performances will take place on Nov. 16, 17, and 18, (Songs for a New World) and Dec. 7, 8, and 9, (Night, Mother). But don’t worry. It may be too late for the fall shows, but the winter productions are just around the corner!