Students find new ways to save money

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Dearstone, 21′, poses with Steele, 21′, in her thrifted homecoming dress.

Nike? American Eagle? Old Navy? Who needs name brands when you have Goodwill!

Thrifting has become the newest trend for teenagers. Buying old clothes and altering pants, shirts, dresses, belts, and shoes is popular among many.

One of Wahlert’s recent transfers, Ivy Dearstone, ‘21, has been thrifting for about six months and even thrifted her dress for the Winter Formal dance.

“I went to one of my favorite thrifting boutiques downtown to look for a homecoming dress and found a really pretty yellow one,” Dearstone stated. “I ended up wearing it to Homecoming and loving it.”

Emma Saddler, ‘19, also thrifts. “I typically go to Goodwill or Plato’s Closet,” Saddler said. “Some of the clothes are really high quality for a very good price.”

Printed pants, distressed jeans, wide-fitted jeans, and cropped pants have recently became very popular and are often thrifted.

Saddler, along with Dearstone, generally looks for pants when thrifting.

“I typically go thrifting looking for jeans,” Saddler said.“It is usually easy to find some cute and cheap pairs in local second hand stores.”

Dearstone added, “I will find pants in any size and alter them to add a tear or make them fit better.”

The best part of it all is finding high quality clothes for a cheap price. Thrifting has become a great alternative to buying clothes full price. “I bought my homecoming dress for $1,” Dearstone said. “It was long, so we altered it to be shorter and ended up with a total less than $20 for my dress.”

Claire Walker, ‘22, also got into thrifting recently. “The most important part of thrifting is going in with an open mind and seeing the good in clothes that don’t look so great on the racks,” Walker advised.

Over the past year, second hand stores have become more popular than ever, and the trend isn’t slowing down. With the little amount of money spent, endless creativity, and tons of options, thrifting is the new alternative to buying expensive, name brand clothing.


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