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What are you doing for Lent?

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Brooke Bauer, ’22, prepares for Lent by praying in the chapel.As the Lenten season gets underway, students and staff reflect on what the next 40 days means to them and what they plan to sacrifice. 

Maria Klein, ‘19, shares the importance of her Lenten discipline in order to experience God’s love fully.

I try to open my heart to the Lord and try to prepare my mind and heart for his unconditional love,” said Klein. “This is important to me because His love is so filling and powerful.”

She also encourages others to attend daily mass in the mornings when possible because it brings people closer to Christ through prayer and relationships.

Freshman Ellie Kirby, ‘22 notes that her mom has influenced her to make God a big part of her life especially during Lent.

“I pray more everyday and on top of giving something up, I just try to be a better person preparing for Jesus’ death and Resurrection,” Kirby said.  

Another very influential person at Wahlert Catholic, Brother Nathaniel Gee, shares how Lent opens his heart to God.

“I try to be extremely intentional with my practices during Lent. Instead of treating it like a New Year’s Resolution, I choose something that can be applied throughout the year and throughout my life,” Gee said.   “I’ll do two things: I’ll detach from a distraction and in its absence place something that helps nurture my relationship and intimacy with Jesus.”

Even though it can be difficult to maintain a Lenten promise or fast from meat on Fridays, there are other ways to make the most of this Lenten season: prayer and discipleship with one another.


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What are you doing for Lent?