Lunch committee a/k/a CLC impacts how you munch

Many students know of CLC as Christian Leadership Committee, but many don’t know about the other CLC. Although it still continues today, students don’t know what it is and why it exists. Catholic Lunch Committee was founded by students themselves these past few years but has since lost popularity.

“I found out about Catholic Lunch Committee from Ben Schmidt. He was a grade ahead of me and we were good friends through soccer,” said former CLC Chairman, Noah Sigwarth, ‘17.

The Catholic Lunch Committee was originally a fun idea that grew into something that has the potential to improve how students look at the school lunches served. Students participating in the committee meet with the lunch ladies every once in a while during seminar to give feedback and bring ideas to the table.

Marie Miller, one of the organizers of CLC, said, “The reason we love Catholic Lunch Committee is because we get to hear students’ input and perspective, and sometimes we can change things around or offer different items.”

Along with the general feedback, the members can also give opinions on how they like certain meals, what meals should be brought back and to assure the lunch ladies don’t plan two popular entrees on the same day. Sigwarth recalls the experience as fun and beneficial to the school.

“All of my friends would talk about lunch food at our table and wanted to make changes. I really enjoyed seeing something that we talked about actually being implemented and making a difference,” Sigwarth said.

Anyone is encouraged to join Catholic Lunch Committee to help make a difference in the Wahlert community. If anyone has any questions, contact Marie Miller for more information.

The Catholic Lunch Committee of 2016 paved the way for future students to make a change in lunches.