Homecoming: Behind the Scenes

School dances are a fun and exciting experience for many students. They get dresses or tuxedos, corsages or boutonnieres, plan photos and dinner, and still make it to the dance on time.

In the midst of homecoming chaos, however, many students forget about the people who put in time and effort for the night to be enjoyed by all.

Senior Senate can take credit for setting up the homecoming dance. They went in the morning of homecoming, Oct.  6th, to begin decorating and make sure that everything went smoothly. Luckily, set up was finished by noon, which left the seniors plenty of time to get ready.

“It was really cool to see how our hard work looked in the end,” reflected Jillian Atkinson, ‘19. “Being able to see the starting point to how it ended up was really interesting. But we all hoped that it looked good in other people’s eyes as well.”

The decorations including disco lights and lasers saying, “GO EAGLES.” There was also a red carpet leading into the cafeteria and tables set up with lights hanging down. From the ceilings, metallic bungee streamers completed the look.

“The dance looked really nice,” Gracie Long, ‘19, complimented. “It was cool seeing the lasers and lights and walking on a red carpet felt awesome, too. The people who set it up did a really nice job.”

All in all, the hard work of the Senior Senate paid off, and the dance was a success. Although homecoming 2018 is over, it won’t be long before Winter Formal season approaches.