Local Interfaith Community Inspires Wahlert Students

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There are two things we are told never to bring up at the Thanksgiving dinner table: politics and faith. However, what happens when we break down those sensitive walls to have a meaningful discussion?

Once a month, Dubuquers of all religions and denominations are invited to have these conversations at “Children of Abraham,” an ecumenical gathering where people of different beliefs can find common ground. Children of Abraham believes in and acts to have meaningful interfaith conversations and through regular monthly topical conversations, service, activities, education outreach, and expressions of cross-cultural hospitality in sacred spaces.

Because of the growing popularity of this group, more Wahlert students and faculty have started to get involved. Lizzy Fitzsimmons, ‘19, has attended a meeting and encourages other students to do the same.

“I learned a lot about other religions and how they aren’t that different from each other,” said Fitzsimmons. “I definitely think people should go because living in a smaller city and going to a school like Wahlert, we don’t get as much exposure to other religions as we should. World religion isn’t part of the junior theology curriculum here, but it’s very important to learn about. Children of Abraham is a great place to do that.”

Children of Abraham has given a voice to many of the scruples society holds. Having an outlet to express what it means to be Catholic has shifted many students’ perception of religion and has created more loving and educated young adults within the Wahlert community.


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