Do girls really take longer to get ready for school than boys?

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Many people would say girls take much longer than boys to get ready in the morning before school. This may be true; however, some people are just slower 

Maria Kircher, ’20, applies mascara, as she does before school every day.

in the morning than others.

Out of the 20 Wahlert students interviewed, the average preparation time for girls was 30 minutes, and the average time for boys was 18 minutes. The extra 12 minutes taken by girls is most likely because many girls add extra time to do makeup.

Olivia Pfeiler, ‘21, takes 45 minutes to get ready for school. Her morning routine consists of showering, getting dressed, brushing her teeth, sometimes straightening her hair, and then doing her makeup.

Her routine is similar to junior Sam Jochum’s. His routine consists of brushing his teeth, showering, getting dressed, and blow drying and doing his hair. Jochum’s routine only takes him 20 minutes to complete.  

Some people will take longer than others because they want to look good for school, which is not a bad thing. For example, Maria Kircher, ‘20, blow dries and straightens her hair every morning, which is part of her 30-minute routine.

On the other hand, Grace Lueken, ‘20, will usually just put her hair in a messy bun and call it good. “I think it only takes me 15 minutes to get ready because I don’t really care about how I look. I would rather sleep in an extra 10 minutes,” Lueken explains.

In addition, only half of the people interviewed eat breakfast every day. Taking time to eat usually adds on an extra five minutes to a morning routine.

Ultimately, being a girl or boy does not determine how long it will take a person to get ready. Morning routine time depends on if doing hair, makeup, etc. is more important than extra sleep for that person. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

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