Students ready to ace the ACT


Owen Borelli, ’18, took Loras’ ACT prep course this September


While many students spend a lot of time studying for the ACT, some are going above and beyond for their preparation by taking an ACT prep course. This class met at Loras College over the course of two weeks and spent 4.5 hours each day studying strategies and taking practice tests.


This class has proven to be beneficial for students who have taken the ACT before as well as for those who have not. One of these students who was studying for his first try was Owen Borelli, ‘18. Borelli said, “I mainly took the class because my mom told me to, but I think it was a good idea to take because now I know what kind of questions will be on the test.”


Another student, Caroline Crahan, ‘18, has already taken the ACT, and she took the class to improve her score. “We spent a lot of time looking at the different sections of the test and breaking down how to go about each part. They also gave us a lot of tips on how to choose the right answer or even how to guess if you’re stuck between two answers.”


Besides tips on how to take the test, this class provided some good information on how to control the other factors students may feel on test day. Crahan said, “They talked a lot about how to control nerves before the test and how to use testing anxiety in a positive way. I liked how after the class, I felt more prepared for the ACT both academically and mentally.”


Overall, taking hours out of students’ free time to study for a standardized test might not sound ideal, but students feel that putting in a little extra effort can really make a difference.


“I’m actually glad I took the class because I feel more prepared than I ever have for a test,” said Borelli. “At Loras, they didn’t just focus on what’s on the test, but they helped me become mentally ready. They did it in a fun way, so I was never stressed. Now, I’m not nervous to take the ACT at all.”