Softball players anticipate grand slam

 In any sport, team chemistry plays a huge part in the challenges and successes of a team. Wahlert’s softball team has always counted on their unity and trust to lead them to victory in past years.  

With that, Wahlert has been one of the top area softball teams for the past few years. As everything does, however, things come to an end, and rebuilding is inevitable in keeping the team afloat and grooming young, talented players for their upperclassman years.

SMELLS LIKE TEAM SPIRIT Wahlert softball players celebrate together after a challenging win.

 Isabelle Pfeiffer, ‘22, is looking forward to mentoring the young players this season, “There are many things about this season that excite me. However, what I am most looking forward to is helping to teach the eighth graders. We have many talented younger players that have a chance to play on varsity this year. I know from experience that this is very intimidating and scary at first. Therefore, I can’t wait to help the new girls get accustomed to playing at a higher level,” said Pfeiffer.

 Although the team is young, they hope to make an impact and learn to be leaders for their upperclassman years on the field.                                                                                                            

Through the years of softball at Wahlert, although the team has never won a state title, there have been many “greats” that have taken the field. This list of leaders/mentors includes the two Rogers’ sisters in 2003, who played at top colleges, and pitcher Anna Chapman, ‘21 who has recently committed to the University of Nebraska–Omaha. These players have paved the way for girls’ softball and continue to inspire newcomers to the team. Hopefully, the incoming freshmen will be able to learn from these people and be inspired to play like them this season

Pfeiffer hopes to lead these newcomers by being the kind of person for the upcoming freshmen that the upperclassman in the past had been for her. “Because I am a junior this year and one of the oldest on the team, my role will be very different. I looked up to the graduating class tremendously last year and was very close with many of them. I hope to be that role model for the underclassmen and show them how to be a strong and confident player,” stated Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer believes that hard work will be the true testament to how the girls play this season. “This year we lost a couple of returning varsity starters and had some seniors graduate who made a big impact on the team. However, I don’t think this will change the season too much. There are lots of hardworking and experienced girls who are joining the team. With these new players, I’m hoping for a good season filled with new challenges and successes. This gives us an advantage because other teams have no idea what to expect from us,” said Pfeiffer.

Whatever the young team faces this season, they will no doubt have a leader in Pfeiffer.