Socks, Songs, and Stretches

Superstitions, something everyone has, range from as minor as closing one’s eyes during the National Anthem to wearing the same exact socks and underwear during every game. From a go-to hype song to the weird superstitions, varsity athletes share their pre-game rituals they believe will lead them to success.

Varsity volleyball player, Aliyah Carter, ‘20, describes some of her pregame rituals. Carter’s go-to song is, “Hey Mama” by Kanye West because she wants to play every game for her mom. Also before any big game, Aliyah’s dad always gives her a pep talk.

Carter also said she always has to get both ankles taped before a game. “No matter how good of condition they may be in, I am worried that I am going to injure  my ankles,” said Carter. 

Marik Dickson, ‘20, a captain on the varsity football team, has his own pre-game rituals. Dickson responded that his hype up song is “Shallow” by Lady Gaga. 

Alix Oliver, ’21, Alana Duggan, ’22, and Aunna Huseman, ’20, pose for a picture after a meet.

 “I wear the same socks and underwear every game, and although I don’t plan on it, I always get dressed at the same exact time,” Dickson said. “Don’t worry. Everything is washed.”

Nate Munshower, ‘21, a varsity cross country runner, said the only superstitious thing he has done was take an ice bath the night before a meet. However, Aunna Huseman, ‘20, and Alix Oliver, ‘21, also on the varsity cross country team, have rather interesting stretches and warmups, and are good people to talk to for motivation. 

Alana Duggan, ‘22, always wears avocado socks for good luck and shares a good talk with Tess Breslin, ‘22,  before running.

Jacob Schockemoehl, ‘20, a varsity golfer, said, “I don’t have any out-of-the-ordinary-rituals, but sometimes I like to watch Tiger Woods’ highlights.”

Finally, varsity swimmer Ariana Yaklich, ‘21, stated, “I have to eat an apple with peanut butter and drink a blue Gatorade before a meet.” Yaklich also said her go-to songs are on Alaina Schmidt’s (‘20) 2000’s playlist, and she always talks to her dad before any meet. “He is very encouraging and always knows how to pump me up.”

There are a variety of ways that every athlete pre games for his or her game or meet. No matter what it is, it leads to great things.