Nest mentality needed in mass


SPECIAL CONNECTION Father Martin Coolidge presides at the Mass of Remembrance on November 11. With the presence of the choir and many families, mass participation was strong among the student body.

Mass is an experience that holds true to who we each are as individuals. The way we experience mass can be dependent on a multitude of factors. We are each at a different spot in our faith journey, and while it is important to notice that, it is also important to notice the way the mass is affected by those variables.

One student, comparing this year’s mass to previous years said, “It’s just not the same. It feels really quick and rushed. And it especially doesn’t feel like anyone wants to be there or participate.”

Father Martin Coolidge explains that mass participation is important because it is not all about the priest.

“Mass participation is supposed to be our dialogue with God. If it’s just me saying mass, it really shows that the people are not truly lifting their hearts up or going deeper into their faith,” said Fr. Martin.

The change in frequency, along with the absence of the choir has led some students to feel as if the mass is less important.

“In previous years, the choir was encouraging because the presence of others singing led students to feel more comfortable with singing along,” said another student. “It kept the mass feeling regular, like a mass on Sunday at my parish.”

Although this may be the case, Fr. Martin also added, “It’s not always true that if someone doesn’t participate, they don’t want to be there.” Fr. Martin noted that everyone is at a different point in their faith journey, so it’s important to notice and to especially help those who need a little push in their faith.

“As a school, we could help these people who are on the fence about participation by setting the tone. It’s also about the presence of the idea that we get to go worship God, and this is how we do it. It’s okay to have people on the fence, which is why we experience this every week and walk together in faith.”

That group mentality, the Wahlert Catholic mentality, is important. Participating in mass can be compared to The Nest at a sports event. We all work in unison to chant and cheer on our friends and fellow Golden Eagles. Recognizing the similarities between being together in The Nest and in mass is essential.

Mass shows the common connection we have with one another at Wahlert Catholic, and The Nest serves as a showcase for that special connection which we all share and is apparent in our unity, loudness, spirit, and frankly, our occasionally raucous behavior.

Now, we need to apply that Nest mentality and participation to the common connection we experience every week together at mass.