2 cents worth: Time flies, enjoy every moment

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by Jared Block

Of the Gleaner

As senior year comes to a close, the class of 2019 is looking back at their high school careers. Some look back with regret, some are satisfied with their time and others have mixed feelings. Some seniors offer advice to high schoolers next year based on what they would do if they had to do it all over.

Matt Becker suggests that students make friends from other classes. “I still play basketball with some of my upperclassman friends. It just makes life more enjoyable when you have more friends than just the ones in your grade,” said Becker.

He also suggests asking questions in the classroom. “If you don’t understand something then don’t be afraid to ask because if you don’t, you won’t be able to learn anything new,” Becker said.

Emma Duehr is a believer in getting involved in the community. “Whether it’s sports, clubs, committees or service opportunities, I promise there is a chance for everyone,” said Duehr.

Her second suggestion is to get to know the teachers at Wahlert on more than just a teacher to student level. She said, “There is a wealth of experience and knowledge that the teachers are willing to share if you get to know them.”

Andrew Timmerman recommends figuring out what you’re going to do after high school as soon as possible, so you can focus on a certain skill set. “Students should find out what they’re going to do, so they can train hard and become good at that thing,” suggested Timmerman.

Cara Sullivan says that it is important to be nice to people in high school. “You should be nice to people because you will never see most of them again, so you want to leave on a good note,” recommends Sullivan.

She also suggests not procrastinating because otherwise turning in work can be very stressful.

Zach Berning knows that high school goes by very fast, so he suggests enjoying every moment because you don’t want to regret anything. As part of that, he strongly recommends trying one new thing in high school. “I tried choir, and I actually really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure if I was going to, but it paid off,” said Berning.

Olivia Blosch is all about having fun in high school, but she also knows you have to take your grades seriously. “Just have fun, make new friends and be good in the classroom. Full send!” Blosch exclaimed.

Overall, take advantage of your time in high school. Make new friends and have fun, but take work in the classroom seriously. The time is going to go by fast, so enjoy every moment.