A hot take on school lunches

“I usually take a hot lunch because I am too lazy to pack a cold lunch. However, my favorite cold lunch is the one Cathryn Skahill,  ‘22, brings. She always has great food and likes to share it.” Macie Huntington, ‘22


“Lately I have been taking cold lunch. It is healthier and I can bring whatever I want instead of choosing from limited options.” Kaiden Knockel, ‘22


“If I could change lunch, I would make it an open lunch. Then we could walk around or eat outside if it was warm enough and not be confined to the lunch room.” Kathryn Nedder, ‘21


“I take hot lunch because I don’t have to pay for it, and it is very easy to go and get. The worst part about taking hot lunch is that you have to run to the line so that you don’t have to wait for very long.”  Jacob Hocking, ‘20


“I take hot lunch because I don’t have time to pack a cold lunch. My favorite lunches are chicken alfredo, mandarin orange chicken, and beef nacho supreme.“ Lily Roth, ‘20