Adventures from public school to private school

Paige Hummel, Reporter

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Paige Hummel, ’20, met her friend Ashley Osterberger, ’20, at volleyball tryouts.

Since it is Catholic Schools Week, we celebrate having the privilege to attend a Catholic school. Although it seems

religious values are the only thing that separates our school system from Dubuque Community Schools, I have noticed from personal experience many differences.

At Wahlert, we have to wear uniforms. My closet has changed a lot over the summer. There is no stress to go out and get all of the new clothes anymore. I go out now to buy khakis instead of ripped jeans.

At Wahlert, the class schedules are very different from the schedules of Senior or Hempstead. At Hempstead, which is where I attended school last year, class periods were shorter, but I didn’t have block classes. Personally, I also feel that there are limited options to fill an empty class period since we can’t have free hours. There are not as many classes that we can take, too. I do feel, however, like the classes that Wahlert offers and the teachers that teach us help better prepare us for life after high school. Some other differences are that during finals week, the public high schools let out two hours early, and there are courtyards for students to walk in to get to the other side of the school faster.

Pep rallies, Survivor, Dance Week and Spring Wind all happen at Hempstead. The pep rallies happen a lot more frequently and everyone always wants them. They really show all of the spirit and pride there. The seniors have a Survival Week where they stay over at school and do challenges. It is always someone’s dream to be in it. At Wahlert, we only do theme days for Homecoming. At Hempstead, they do it for Homecoming and Winter Formal. Halfway through second semester, they have a week called Spring Wind. During Spring Wind students may get out of class to go do activities. Last year they had activities like crafts, yoga, inflatables and many more. It is just a week to feel less stressed.

Looking back, even though Hempstead holds more fun school-wide events and better lunches, I am glad I became an Eagle. At Hempstead with the shorter classes, it was harder to get that one-on-one help with the teachers. Here, we have longer classes and also seminar when we can go see other teachers. Hempstead did have a study hall during 5th period, but students were allowed to go to the gym, so most kids went to the gym to have some fun.

When I first decided to switch schools at the end of my freshman year, I only knew a couple of girls from softball. I was worried about how I was going to fit in at Wahlert and how I would find my place. I met a friend when I decided to go to volleyball tryouts. That friend and I did not make the team, but our friendship has continued to grow. She has brought me into this school with a positive attitude to find other friends, too.

The changes I have made over this year have been difficult, but they have been worth it. One of the biggest reasons I chose to come to Wahlert was to be challenged academically so I will be better prepared for the future. I realize now that I have also created real long-lasting friendships and strengthened my relationship with God.


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