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The inside scoop on Junior year

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If I had to explain junior year in three words they’d be: broke, tired, and stressed. I thought I was pretty prepared for high school when I started freshman year: new friends, the nest, GPA and all that, I got it. But, what I failed to realize until this year is how stressful it all can actually be. Everyone has said that junior year is the hardest academically, but what no one informed me of was how overwhelming everything else is outside of classes.

First of all, I’ve realized that I have a money spending issue. I guess it could be worse. I don’t have a raging gambling problem or anything, but the amount of money I spend on cases for my phone or going out to dinner with my friends is atrocious.

Recently, the reality hit me that college is in two years and I have to seriously start budgeting my money. How am I supposed to pay for college on a lifeguard salary?! Maybe it’s my fault for being so naive, but maybe someone should have told me to stop spending money on foolish things so that I don’t have to do a magic show on the street to pay for college.

The one thing I keep hearing is, “Have you thought about a career?”


Instead, I flash a polite smile and respond with, “Nope, I’m not sure of anything yet.”

Last year I was worried about what was gonna happen on the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but this year I have to worry about real things like my entire future. That’s quite the jump I’d say.

In addition to those things, I don’t think I’ve gotten a good night sleep in about seven years. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t so tired I could fall asleep standing in the lunch line. As of late, I’ve been juggling the stress of prom, AP tests, regular assignments, maintaining a social life, seeing my family, and sleeping. Sadly, sleeping usually gets pushed to the bottom of that list, even though It’s probably my favorite thing on there.

If I could give one piece of advice to underclassmen it would be: sleep. Sleep as much as you can while you still have the time.

When I think about my high school experience thus far, I’d say I’m pretty lucky in all areas. My grades aren’t bad, and my friends are awesome. I complain way more than I should because I’m extremely blessed.

I just wish someone would have warned me about how overwhelming this year was going to be. I’m sure when I look back as a junior in college I’ll laugh about how petty my problems in high school were. For now, I’ll continue to doze off in first period and spend money on overpriced burritos.

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The inside scoop on Junior year