Covid vaccine provides hope for Wahlert students and staff

Covid has had a huge impact on all of our lives, but with a vaccine being administered and rolled out, it gives many people hope in these trying times. So this raises the question, how will the vaccine affect daily life at Wahlert? 

“The Wahlert school nurse, Beth Broderick, is in communication with Dubuque County Health providing staff information in preparation for the vaccination of all Wahlert and  Holy Family Staff when the vaccine becomes available.  Vaccinations will be coordinated and provided on campus,” said Principal Ron Meyers. Since teachers are deemed essential workers, they will be receiving the vaccine once it becomes available. 

Meyers continued, “All current precautions will remain the same for the short-term after staff have been vaccinated.  When either the CDC or Dubuque County Health Department provides recommendations and protocols for lessened precautions, Holy Family Schools would likely follow those recommendations.” 

So when will the vaccines be administered? “I would think things will look and feel the same for the most part after the staff vaccinations have been administered through the Spring semester.  It won’t be until the masking, social distancing and other safety protocols have been lifted, that I think things will feel a bit back to normal for students and staff.  Sure, there will be a sense of relief for staff who are more susceptible for higher risks conditions from , but for the most part, the staff will conduct business as usual,” said Meyers. 

Even with staff vaccination, it is still necessary to be cautious and take all the necessary precautions so that Wahlert can be as safe as possible for staff and students. While all safety precautions will remain in effect, the vaccine gives hope to students and staff that one day everything may return to normal again.