Plays on a Street comes to a close

Bravo to all the freshmen and sophomores who participated in the winter production of “Plays on a Street!” In case you didn’t see it, this was a group of four plays written and directed by Wahlert’s juniors and seniors. By the high praise the performers got from teachers, parents, and directors, it’s no doubt that everyone did a wonderful job.     

Mrs. Varley, a Spanish teacher at Wahlert, enjoyed herself immensely. “The plays were great. I like to support the kids that do things with drama and music, and I always enjoy myself at any show,” she said.  

Sophomore Katie Cushman said similar things about the production, but she had a different reason for why she wanted to go see “Plays on a Street.” She said, “I was helping out backstage with Marina Hishikawa one time and heard a lot of people laughing, so I decided to see it.” 

Furthermore, she found a liking for all of the plays, including the characters that the directors incorporated into them, including Karen K. Kaldwell and Jackson Justice from “Farmer’s Market,” as well as the Mother Girl Scout in “Heavy Death Metal Nightmare 4.”

Cecilia Jones and Makenna Dixon, ’23, get ready for a fight in “Heavy Death Metal Nightmare 4.”

“I liked her costume,” Cushman replied while talking about the character that Jenna Berendes, ‘22, protrayed. 

Rylie Shultz, ‘22, was also in the audience. She enjoyed the fact that the Girl Scouts in the last play weren’t how you would normally see Girl Scouts. Instead of being cheerful and energetic, the Girl Scouts were the opposite of that.

If you didn’t get a chance to see “Plays on a Street,” another show is coming up. The musical “Anything Goes” will be showcased at the Grand Opera House in April.