It’s a beautiful day to save lives

Every 2 seconds in the U.S., someone is in need of blood. You never know how great the effects of blood donations are until you are the one that is receiving one. Every time a person donates blood, three people are helped. Those people could be random strangers, or they can even be close friends or family members, but they will always be thankful for donations.  

Although some people are afraid, that doesn’t stop them from trying to help.“I’m afraid of needles just like anyone else,” says Mr. Ralph Rollins, “but helping save someone is so much greater than any fear.” 

Mr. Rollins’ view on the importance of giving blood has only increased after he was on the receiving end of the donations. “All my kids had a blood incompatibility problem. They needed transfusions right away,” explained Mr. Rollins. “My son even needed transfusions in the womb due to his medical problem,” said Mr. Rollins. “I will always be grateful for every blood donation because they did so much for my children.”

Nov. 4, Wahlert will be hosting the Red Cross for a blood drive. Giving blood is very easy and can make a huge impact to families, just like Mr. Rollins’, on the receiving end. 

“Ever since we received blood donations, I have always tried to give back by donating blood because of all it has done for my family,” said Mr. Rollins.