Teams fight for the “Golden Deck” at Euchre Night

CARD SHARKS Laurel Curtiss and Jillian Atkinson, 19′, show off their golden decks after winning Euchre Night.

In their sixth game of the day, Jillian Atkinson and Laurel Curtiss, ‘19, laid their final cards to defeat Joe Kann and Bryce Osterberger, ‘19, in Wahlert’s inaugural Euchre Night. This secured the two of them a “golden deck” and bragging rights amongst classmates.

Euchre Night kicked off Catholic Schools Week and allowed many students the opportunity to showcase all of their skills and practice in the suddenly popular card game. Over 20 teams participated, with the junior class comprising most of the field.

Longtime cardplayer Nick Kutsch, ‘19, shared his thoughts on why the game has made a comeback.

“I think (Euchre) unifies the school and brings us all together. It’s nice a way for everyone to come together at one point even with people you may not know,” said Kutsch.

Despite his early round exit, Kutsch, like many other competitors, stayed and played a few good-natured hands with fellow classmates.

Among those was Audrey Heying, ‘19, who enjoyed herself despite poor cards. “Even though Sydney (Rury) and I suffered a devastating loss of 10-1, it was still a blast to get everyone out here and play a game I’ve loved for years,” said Heying.

While Atkinson and Curtiss may have walked away victorious on that particular January night, Euchre has brought out a side in Wahlert that is synonymous with the city it calls home. Which begs the question: Are you a Golden Eagle if you don’t play Euchre?