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Hitting the jackpot

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Sam Herrig, ’17, poses with his money

Although almost everyone dreams of winning the lottery, very few are lucky enough to live out that dream.The lottery is a process of raising money by selling numbered tickets and giving prizes to the number holders at random.

While the chances of winning the lottery are very small at one in 175 million, due to the 175,223,510 different six number combinations that can be found on a ticket, students throughout Wahlert still believe they have a chance.

“I think I could win,” Nick Kutsch, ‘19, said. “If I were to win, I would buy myself a better car and a new pair of shoes. I would also give money to the rest of my family and then save the rest to pay for college.”

Casey Cronin, ‘19, also has plans for what he would do with the money. “When I win the lottery, I am going to buy a computer with a lot of games on it,” he said. “I would also buy a brand new Iphone 7 to replace my old Iphone. After I do these things, I may donate some of the money to charity.”

While many people are spending much of their newfound fortunes, Sam Herrig, ‘17, is taking a different approach on how to manage his money.

“I would have to follow Mr. Ehrmann’s protocol,” he said. “I would give 10 percent to charity and put 50 percent of the money into diversified investment accounts. But before I use the 50 percent, I would make sure that all of my debt is paid off. Whatever money I have left, I am going to try to bribe the TV show Survivor to let Mr. Rollins on the show. I know that he watches it and is a huge fan.”

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Hitting the jackpot