An Annoyance in One’s Life

Pet Peeves

Chewing. Tapping. Whistling. Cracking knuckles. These are all very common pet peeves among the Wahlert community, along with many others. 

Gregory Smith, ’25

For instance, Greg Smith, ‘25, gets easily annoyed when people don’t pick up after themselves. Smith said, “It makes me do extra work. My brothers leave their stuff all over the ground, and I always have to pick it up”

Academic Innovation Coordinator Ms. Mariah Reeves’ pet peeve is influenced by her

Ms. Mariah Reeves

background as an English major. She doesn’t like when people end sentences with prepositions. 

”It’s grammatically incorrect… it’s just this reaction that I have when someone ends a sentence with ‘at’ or ‘to’,” said Reeves. “I just cringe. I mean, it really is an inconvenience to my daily life.”

Mia Brooner, ’23

Mia Brooner, ‘23, has a pet peeve; many others agree that she is frustrated when people chew too loudly. Brooner contends that chewing with your mouth closed isn’t very hard; anyone can do it.  ”When someone crunches on their food very loudly, it really makes me annoyed and very angry,” said Brooner.

Lastly, English teacher Ms. Barbara Ressler has an interesting pet peeve. She doesn’t like when people litter because it ruins the environment. 

Ms. Barb Ressler

“For example, let’s say I give you a Starburst and you just crumple up the wrapper and throw it on the floor. It’s like, ‘really?’” began Ressler. “At Christmas time I gave the kids candy and all I could think was, ‘Oh great, more for me to clean up.’ It’s just [frustrating] when people don’t take responsibility for their own garbage; just throw it away. It’s not that hard.”