Carrying teamwork mindset into new job


Many students remember Mrs. Lisa Krapfl as the fun science teacher at Mazzuchelli or someone they often saw in the halls the past couple years. But now, she is known as the new assistant principal. 

Due to Mrs. Krapfl’s years of teaching in the past, she has been able to see the role of assistant principal in a different view. 

“By being in the building the last few years, I’ve gotten to know all the faculty and students and how great it is here,” said Mrs. Krapfl. “I honestly don’t know if I would have considered being assistant vice principal had I not known the way things were here.”

Although it’s still early for Mrs. Krapfl to make any changes, something she does plan to do involves students and their faith. 

“Making our faith in masses and our faith life more central is important,” Mrs. Krapfl said. “Involving the students more is also pretty big. I try to do everything I can to lead and make a positive impact here at Wahlert.”

While working with students, Mrs. Krapfl also works alongside Principal Ron Meyers. The duo seem to be working well together. 

“We think a lot alike and have similar styles. It is successful since my weaknesses are her strengths and vice versa,” said Mr. Meyers. “We work very well off each other. We often anticipate what the other is thinking.”

Mrs. Krapfl hopes to shape the students, teachers, and Wahlert itself into something great using all her past experiences and teamwork mindset.