Summer concerts

Imagine standing there with your friends and family jamming out to your favorite music artist. This summer Ellie Meyer, ‘22, Ana Chandlee, Abigail Klauer, ‘21, and other Wahlert students are going to some of their favorite artists’ concerts.

Meyer says she is very excited about the Kane Brown concert she is going to on July 14.

“I am most excited for spending a night listening to music, getting dressed up, and taking cute pictures,” said Meyer.

She got the tickets from her parents and will be sitting in the pit. She is attending the concert with her family. Kane Brown is Meyer’s favorite country music artist,some of his more popular songs are Heaven, Good as You, What’s Mine is yours, and Lose it.

Ana Chandlee is going to a Khalid concert on July 25 with her friends Sophie Skemp, Anna Kalb, Ivy Dearstone, Ariana Yaklich, Hayley Welbes, Abigail Klauer, and Ella Pettinger, ‘21, in Chicago.

Khalid’s most popular songs include Vertigo, Motion, Better, and Saturday Nights, all coming from his new album Suncity.  

Chandlee said, “I am most excited about the atmosphere of the concert, with everyone screaming at the top of their lungs.” She also exclaims, “We got tickets to sit one section up from the floor seats. We have always loved his music, and he released his new album so we decided we had to go and see it in person.”

Klauer says that she is most excited to get out and away from school,

“I am so excited to just go and relax with my friends and just take a break from all of my seasons,” said Klauer.