Wahlert staff says goodbye to seniors

While the seniors of 2019 prepare to say goodbye, their teachers will be saying sayonara to them as well. Wahlert has said farewell to many influential teachers over the years, but these teachers have been with the senior class since their freshman year.

It’s a little saddening for everyone, but especially for Spanish teacher, Nancy Leonard or Senora as her students like to call her, who will be saying adios to students she had way back in their middle school days at Mazzuchelli.

“It’s hard because we kind of moved over here together,” said Leonard. “This was the last class I had at Mazzuchelli. Now, all of the classes after them, I don’t know as well.”

Senora admits it brings a few tears to her eyes.

“It’s really sad, but I’m happy that they are moving on with their lives. It will be an empty building without them,” Leonard adds. “They’ve been a good class, and I’m going to miss them.”

On the other end, some teachers were only in their first few years at Wahlert before the 2019 class came. Religion teacher, Nathaniel Gee, or Brotha Gee as his students like to call him, was a newbie to the Wahlert community freshman year.

“One of the joys I have as a teacher is getting to watch the students grow and walk with them through their teenage years,” Gee said. “With this year’s senior class, it’s bittersweet for me because I love seeing them enter that next chapter and pursue what they’re made for, but it’s always a little difficult to see them go as well.

While he is going to miss many of the seniors, Gee realizes they were made for more.

“I have many memories that I will hold onto, and at the same time, I want to see them go. I want them to discover who they are and what this world has to offer,” Gee said. “I hope that in all they accomplish they find what they’re meant for and that they don’t compromise it for anything else.”

As one who has seen several generations of Wahlert’s graduating classes, English teacher Barb Ressler, or Ressy as students like to call her, credits this year’s seniors for their individuality and unity.

“I see so much leadership, goodness and diversity yet a sense of unity among them,” Ressler said. “Going forward, I encourage them to continue to be their unique selves. They all are truly so unique, and their acceptance of each other is inspiring.”