Students embrace their senior scaries

By Jared Block

Of the Gleaner

In high school, everyone is bound to have an embarrassing moment. Some might have a less embarrassing moment like dropping their lunch tray in the cafeteria, and others may have a much worse situation like breaking their arm on the first day of high school. No matter how embarrassing the situation is, it is almost always fun to look back at it either months or years later, even if it was not so fun in the moment.

Nick Kutsch knows about embarrassing moments in high school all too well. In his freshman year, he was managing the boy’s basketball team. He was with his co-manager, John Sulentic, on the sideline during practice with nothing to do. Kutsch thought it would be a good idea to climb up the volleyball referee stand, so, of course, that is what he did. “When I started to climb down, I received a two handed shove in the back from John, and my legs split wide open. I landed right on one of the poles on the ladder,” said Kutsch.

The rest of the story does not need explaining. It is a day Kutsch will never forget.

Sophia Rupert is our next victim of embarrassment. This year she was teaching at the 5th grade science day. Her students were sitting on the bleachers in the gym and were getting bored. She decided it was time to give them some energy, so she started doing the wave with them. “I was going up and down, and then when I went down and came back up again, my pants ripped. I turned around and all the 5th graders were laughing at me,” said Rupert.

It was definitely not an ideal situation at the time, but she can look back at it with her friends and have a good laugh.

Drew Watters’ embarrassing moment came on the football field. It was his junior year versus West Delaware when he lined up to return a punt. The punt went over his head, so he ran back to pick up the ball. “As soon as I turned around, this giant dude hit me helmet to helmet, and right when I got hit, I threw up everywhere. I could hear the West Delaware fans cheer as I lay on the ground covered in puke,” said Watters.

He went back in a few plays later, but at halftime he knew for sure that he was concussed. He sat the rest of the game and the rest of the year because of his concussion.

The last but certainly not least embarrassing moment came from Andrew Carrick. It was his first day of high school when he was walking to his art class. He was walking down a set of stairs when his shoe came off, and he fell. “I fell down, landed on my elbow, and broke it completely. It was a really fun first day of high school for me,” said Carrick.

It was certainly not an ordinary beginning to high school, and he will definitely not forget that day for a long time.

All of these students experienced some of the most embarrassing moments in high school. However, all of them can look back now and have a good laugh about how humiliating those moments were.