Student take a walk down memory lane

By John Sulentic

Of the Gleaner


As senior year winds down to a close, it is a great opportunity for the class of 2019 to reflect on their favorite memories. The class of 2019 has accomplished a great deal in their four years in athletics, theatre, and academics. It has been a wild ride and a lot has changed since we walked through the doors for the first time as overwhelmed freshmen.
Most students focused on extracurricular events for their best high school moments. “By far my favorite moment of my four years in high school was managing the volleyball team when they won state,” said Andrew Stecklein, ‘19.

“My favorite memory is definitely being on Show Choir crew, just because it wasn’t something I was used to and gave me a new experience.” said Robin Leibold ‘19.

“The best thing I did was get involved in athletics as a freshman.” said Bryce Osterberger ‘19. “I have many great memories from playing football and basketball for 4 years.”

Others fondly look back on moments that took place during school. “My favorite moment was all of Oral Comm sophomore year, especially when Aiden Greiner and Mr. Zajac argued whether or not teaching was a real job,” said Clinton Sabers ‘19. As expected, that legendary argument didn’t end in Greiner’s favor.

“What I am most proud of in high school was making a great WCTV as a junior, because we definitely worked harder than WCTV did some other years,” said Olivia Blosch, ‘19.

Overall, there is a common theme of most great memories the senior class has acquired at Wahlert, and that is you have to go searching for them! ‘“I have greatly enjoyed my time here because of all the great opportunities Wahlert has given me.” said Blosch.

It is up to the student to create his or her own memories that he or she will fondly look back on someday.