Textile brings new color to the halls

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The textile class is new this year and is taught by Ms. Sarah Conlon. She and Ms. Jenna Michel received a grant from Circle of Celebration. With that money, they were able to purchase the necessary products for the class.

“ Basically, textile design is a marriage of art and utility. We create decorations for the surface of fabric, and then we create something functional with the fabric,” explained Ms. Conlon.

The uniquely-patterned lanterns found in the library are part of a textiles class project.

In the class students learn how to sew and also how to create a design on a computer.  The beginner project is making a pillow. The final project is making a lamp shade. To create the lampshade, the students create and design on the computer, then send the design to the company Spoon Flower to get it printed.

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