Senior class Leigh-der


Eric Leigh, ’18, will serve as Student Body Vice President next year.

Eric Leigh, ‘18, has served as class vice president for three years, and now he will take on a new challenge: student body vice president. Leigh will serve alongside Carson Kunkel, ‘18, the new student body president.

Leigh has an interesting perspective on Senate, since he has been involved all fours years, and has worked with Senate members older and younger than he, as well as with members from Senior and Hempstead’s Senates. “I’ve spent all three years as class vice president. I’m really looking forward to being a leader for the senior class and spearheading some of the activities for next year,” said Leigh.

Leigh has run unopposed every year, except for freshman year. Leigh said, “I am very happy that I was running unopposed, but I was a little surprised that no one else ran. I’m definitely not mad about it; it made writing my speech a lot easier.”

Senior years brings new challenges for the Senate. Leigh commented,  “I have a lot of goals, both for myself and the Senate, but mostly I’m looking forward to having a great year with some fun activities throughout. I’ve worked really hard freshman through junior year, and I’m excited to see what senior year holds.”

Even with new expectations and responsibilities as student body VP, Leigh still has a positive attitude and a good sense of humor. Leigh said with a grin, “My campaign slogan for this year is: ‘The popular vote doesn’t matter’ because, let’s be honest, it doesn’t.”