Spook-tacular attractions worth the scare


Front row: Seniors Laura Sherman, Elizabeth Rix Middle row: Kaitlin Crahan, Taylor Kluesner, Brooke Rizzetto, Carley Kammerude, Charlotte Flynn, Jade Romagna Back row: Bailey Goerdt, Adeline Jochum, Natalie Hoy braved the Fear Forest for a little Halloween fun.

Haunted houses and attractions alike are a main “go to” for many students looking for a thrill during the Halloween season. Several students have checked into the hype around some of the attractions in the area, including Dark Chambers in Dubuque and Fear Forest in Galena.

Amanda Frommelt, ‘16,  went to both “because it made for a fun date night!” in reference to Dark Chambers. She also noted that Fear Forest was “the better of the two.”

Fear Forest seems to be winning the preference among Wahlert students. A group of 11 girls, including Kaitlin Crahan, ‘16, also went to the spooky attraction. Crahan said, “I was super scared the whole time. I think I screamed a lot.” Even so, she would love to go again and recommends other people “check it out”.

With October coming to an end, the chance to “check it out” is slowly coming to an end. Both attractions are only open through October, so buy those tickets while they are still available and get the scare of a lifetime!