When is too Early for Christmas?

Many people believe that the minute the clock turns November 1st, they automatically must switch into Christmas mode. They start putting up their decorations and Mariah Carey becomes their new best friend.  On the other hand, some people start to celebrate after Thanksgiving; they celebrate all the holidays in order.

 This is true of Ms. Bailey Petersen, who says, “I am very anti-celebrating Christmas before Halloween… Let the spooky season have its time to shine! I also have my birthday in early November, so it feels too early to be celebrating Christmas around that time.”

Peterson says, “I typically wait until right after Thanksgiving to start celebrating and putting up my decorations, except I occasionally will start a week or two earlier if the gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas is shorter than usual just because it can get pretty stressful to get gifts and decorate in a condensed time period.”

Jenna Kadolph, ‘24, has no problem enjoying Christmasy things before Thanksgiving. She says, “I like to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving by watching Hallmark Christmas movies and listening to Christmas songs. I do love Thanksgiving. so I take a break for a couple days, but then I begin to celebrate Christmas right after again.” 

Everybody has their different opinions and reasons on why and when they choose to celebrate Christmas. Overall, it’s never too early or late; there’s never a wrong time to celebrate Christmas.