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New chapter or same story?

May 2, 2019

  This upcoming New Year’s, people will tell themselves, “I’m going to eat healthier,” or “I’m going to get more exercise.” Although many make New Year's resolutions, does anybody...

New year’s resolutions lack follow through

February 21, 2019

New Year's celebrations have come and gone, and most resolutions have slowly disappeared. Research from Scranton University in Pennsylvania shows that only eight percent of people follow through with their...

Edging out the old

October 31, 2017

Do you ever feel like the normal classroom isn’t right for you? That the traditional way of teaching isn’t the most effective? The EDGE program may be the solution for you. The EDGE (Engage....

Life advice from a teacher

March 7, 2016

Ms. Barb Ressler is, for many, the first English teacher students have when they come to Wahlert and the last they have before they leave. Many of her assignments focus on creativity and self-discovery,...

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