Senior athletes continue their legacies


The opportunity to continue one’s athletic career in college is something not many students at Wahlert have passed up. 

High school sports are known for providing athletes with endless amounts of fun-filled memories. Some of these athletes have realized that sports are not just played, but they are a part of who they are. Several graduating seniors in the class of 2021 have committed to playing sports in college. 

Jake Brosius, who is committed to Coe College to play baseball, reports, “I’m playing baseball in college because it has always been my favorite sport growing up. It is the sport I have always thrived at, and I don’t think I am willing to give it up yet. I want to be able to play a few more years and see where my college career takes me.” 

The love of the game drives many high school athletes to continue their athletic careers. 

Jared Krow, who recently committed to St. Ambrose to play basketball, explains why he can’t walk away from basketball quite yet. 

“I have this crazy love for the game of basketball. You will never catch me passing up an opportunity to go shoot around at the Rec Center or at the YMCA because I love having a baseketball in my hands,” he says.

Receiving the opportunity to play a sport in college is not something handed to students on a silver platter. Getting noticed by colleges requires hard work, dedication, and sharp focus. 

Anna Chapman, a commit to the University of Nebraska–Omaha to play softball, says she is very grateful to receive this opportunity. “I gave up a lot of time with friends in order to practice and go to tournaments. If there was an opportunity to get better, I grabbed it,” she explains. 

Not only has Chapman worked hard to get to where she is today, but she looks forward to improving her game even more when she arrives at Omaha in the fall. 

Chapman adds, “I’m really excited for the level of competition that I will face. I look forward to seeing how it will allow me to grow as an athlete and an individual.”

She also will focus on juggling sports and academics. “I plan on working with tutors and my advisors a lot. I know I am going to have to manage my time well, and I aim to be as productive as I can all the time.”

Balancing a hectic class schedule with a full sports season is no easy task. One of the reasons Maya Wachter fell in love with St. Mary’s University and their soccer program is because she knew she could balance her expected busy schedule.

 “I wanted to attend a smaller school, so I can balance academics and still give myself the opportunity to play a sport,” she says.

Congratulations to all of the seniors moving onto the college sports level. The Class of 2021 is eager to see how all of these athletes will perform and succeed next year.


Students playing sports in college* 

  • Jake Brosius – Coe College: Baseball
  • Tyler Dodds – St. Mary’s: Soccer
  • Anna Chapman – University of Nebraska Omaha: Softball
  • Jared Krow – St. Ambrose: Basketball
  • Rodney Neeley: St. Ambrose: Football
  • Ian Moller – LSU: Baseball
  • Ella Pettinger – Carthage College: Volleyball
  • Eli Shubatt: Luther College: Cross Country
  • Sam Timp – Coe College: Tennis
  • Ben Vaassen –  St. John’s: Golf
  • Maya Wachter – St. Mary’s: Soccer
  • Ariana Yaklich: UNI: Track


*As of 5/3/21