2020 setbacks pave the way for comebacks


For twenty-one consecutive years, Wahlert has held a State Championship title with the help of its many sports programs. These include sports such as Volleyball and Cross Country in the Fall, along with girl’s track and men’s tennis in the Spring. Though, in the Spring of 2020, Wahlert, like many other schools around the country, had to cancel their sports seasons. This was very disappointing as Wahlert did not have a chance to compete in some of their best sports.

Wahlert’s statistically best chance in the spring to win a state title was their girls track team. Head Coach, Tim Berning, ‘94, talked about the team’s drive to accomplish their goals. 

No one knows this team like the coaches, and we had all the faith in the world in those girls that they would accomplish what they set out to do. Once a team is convinced of something, it can be very hard to stop them.” He then went on to say, “When looking at the points we could have scored, I believe we would have scored 65 to 68 points, with the potential of scoring over 70.  I don’t think any other school could have scored more than the low to mid 50’s.”

Another Spring team that was eager to avenge their loss to Xavier last year was Wahlert’s Men’s Tennis Team. Player Nolan Martineau, ‘22, talked about the team’s depth and what is to come for the tennis team. 

“It was hard for many of us who had been preparing for the season since the start of winter. We had been patiently waiting to enter competition season, and when we learned that we would not be able to showcase what we worked for, it was frustrating.” He then said, “But I think this year the team will be more hungry than any year before.”

Contrary to last season, there will be many spots open on varsity. This will bring more competition and ultimately allow for immense potential in upcoming years.

Although Wahlert was not able to compete for a State Title in the Spring, they were still able to continue their quest to capture a State Title this Fall. Wahlert’s Anna Slaght, ‘21,  talked about the Volleyball team’s pressure to succeed. 

“Honestly, knowing that Wahlert had not yet won a banner this year did add a bit of pressure for the team and me. We lost the majority of our previous starters this year, so the dynamic of the team was very different from past years,” Slaght stated.

Even with COVID still in the picture, it is safe to say that Wahlert athletes will be hungrier than ever to capture a state title in 2021.