Athletes put in work during the Summer

Most people spend their summer mornings sleeping in, but many multi-sport athletes at Wahlert are getting their morning workouts in at 6 a.m. in the off-season. Mia Kunnert, ‘22, Maya Wachter, ‘21, and Libby Perry, ‘20, all dedicate a lot of their time in the summer to improving their game and coaching future Eagles know as the “Little Eagles” at camps.

Upperclassmen tend to help run the camps for the Little Eagles, so Perry has lots of experience.

“The Little Eagles’ camps are not time-consuming and a very easy and fun way to make money,” Perry said. “I love when little girls look up to me and get excited about playing sports that I also love.”

Kunnert understands the importance of putting in work every single day.

“In high school, everyone is competing for a spot on the court. It is important to do work outside of just working out with the team. For me, this means working out three times a week with my trainer for volleyball,” Kunnert said.

She also tries to go for a run four to five times a week in the off season to stay healthy and in her prime.

Wachter also enjoys spending time with the Little Eagles. “Working with the kids at camp is like having a job that isn’t a job because it is fun, and I would do it even if I didn’t get paid,” said Wachter.

Watcher also puts in work during her off season.

“I try to train on my own go on runs so that when it comes to the fall, I will have a great advantage,” she said.

These girls are just a few of the many athletes at Wahlert that spend their time not only training with the team, but on their own. They care about the role they play on each of their teams and hope to be a part of the future Golden Eagles’ game as well.