Eagles lead the way

Leadership sets the tone for the Wahlert football team

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Eagles lead the way

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Many sports teams at Wahlert strive to build leadership characteristics within their programs. But unlike other Wahlert sports, Head Football Coach Travis Zajac holds a leadership council for the football players to attend. In Leadership Council, they discuss leadership skills revolving around character traits and how to develop themselves and others into becoming a leader.

“Basically we learn how to lead people and how we can encourage our teammates to be better players and teammates by working together,” said Cameron Haugen, ‘19.

The group consists of 12 players or “leaders” from the football team, both upperclassmen and underclassmen. They work together to form relationships and better one another.

“The leadership council revolves around a personal leadership philosophy. The players apply to be chosen as a representative for their class, and I and Mr. Finley pick three from each class to take part in the council as representatives,” said Mr. Zajac.

Bryce Osterberger, an upcoming senior on the football team, attends the meetings to become a better leader but also to create new and better relationships with the other players chosen as well.

“It is a great way to build relationships with the underclassmen. We talk about the view of our team and what we stand for. We also learn how to better our team as a whole and to improve the positivity among the team,” said Osterberger.
In these leadership-building meetings they read books, discuss what it takes to be a leader, and discuss in small groups. One book the group read was, Training Camp by Jon Gordon.

“In the book Training Camp, he talks about these 11 rules of being a leader. My favorite one was called The Best One at More. The rule talks about how if you want to be the best, you have to constantly have that mentality and work ethic of being the best. You can’t be content with being average,” said Haugen.

The book is supposed to encourage and tell the leaders how to improve themselves and be a good person.

“Essentially, the book is a parable about being the best version of yourself,” said Zajac.

The representatives have learned a lot about qualities that make a good leader. Zajac thinks of a leader as someone who serves others, doesn’t have an ego, and has passion.

“The council has really helped me learn what a true leader’s qualities are and how to act on those qualities,” said Isaac Ripley, ‘20

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