Hockey brings a dad & son together

McDermott to play hockey in St. Louis next fall


Jimmy McDermott, ‘18, has been playing hockey ever since he can remember. His dad took him skating for the first time when he was only 18 months old, and he started playing organized hockey when he was 3. He fell in love with the sport instantly and is now planning to take his hockey career to the next level.

At the beginning of next school year, McDermott will be packing his bags and heading to St. Louis, MO, to play for their AAA team, the St. Louis Selects. AAA teams are high school age teams who play throughout the country and are constantly being watched by college scouts. The Fighting Saints, here in Dubuque, is an AAA hockey team.

McDermott said, “I’m basically going because it is a great opportunity to get good exposure and play at a higher level. I’m definitely excited, but I am still a little nervous. I have to pretty much start all over at a new school.  It’s going to be hard moving away by myself and leaving my friends and family behind, but I think I will adjust after a few weeks.”

“I love everything about the game, but I think my favorite part about hockey is the rhythm and flow of the game. I love that feeling of being locked into a game and putting it all on the line for a win. It’s definitely a very emotional sport filled with ups and downs,” McDermott said.

Hockey is something that Jimmy and his father have been doing together for all of his life. “ My dad has taught me so much about the game. Throughout the years, I’ve played with my dad a lot, and we have a very strong connection and bond with each other now. I have hockey to thank for that.”